Intensive preparation for the pilot phase of career counselling in 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov”

The coordinator of the VISAGE4JOBS project – 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” – Sofia is ready to start the pilot phase of the project. For that purpose dedicated common training event was organised by the Principal of the school – Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva. She presented the latest version of the pre-employment school career guidance programme toolkit and the supportive Illustrative info cards, which will be used for the intensive career guidance and training of Roma students from 10th, 11th and 12th grade at the school starting from 1st October 2023.

As a result of the project we aim to prepare them on how to maintain positive physical and verbal image, how to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication, how to be answer difficult questions during job interviews, how to prepare in digital format their CV & cover letter as well as which channels to use in terms of searching for a job.

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