94 High School “Dimitar Strashimirov”, Sofia, Bulgaria – Project coordinator

94 SU “D. Strashimirov ” is a secondary school located in the city of Sofia, Slatina district, Hristo Botev district. In addition to the general education classes in the school, there is also admission in three specialties. The specialty for high school is “Manufacture of textile clothing”, “Logistics of goods and services” and „Entrepreneurship profile“. 100 percent of the students are with Roma origin, with low educational achievements, frequently either dropping out from school or have a lack of job preparation skills in order to have access to the labour market. With this project we would like to foster the job preparation skills of our marginalized students to enhance their employment opportunities upon completion of the school. This will be achieved by additional career guidance and job preparation activities, which will be
structured in relevant practical guidance activities including preparation of CV and cover letter, job market search, preparation for interview, rehearsing interview, how to present strengths regardless weaknesses, how to answer to the difficult questions to the human resource manager and how to ensure work sustainability upon recruitment.

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World Innovative Sustainable Solutions, Istanbul, Turkiye

The purpose of the association is to contribute to cultural transformation in individuals and society for a sustainable life; to offer creative solutions to the complex problems of our time with a systemic and holistic perspective; to raise awareness, inspire and support a sustainable life for social, ecological and economic sustainability. It offers inclusive, innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of education, career guidance, green economy, STEM technologies, etc. It carries out academic studies and publications in educational studies on educational, social and cultural issues. Part of the staff of the organisation is consisting of mentors and job coaches, who will provide expertise in the field of this project. This project will enable the consolidation of common Pre-employment programme and the production of toolkit to foster job preparation skills of low skilled and marginalized students from Istanbul area to enhance their employment opportunities upon completion of the school.

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Uluslararası Şehit Mehmet Karaarslan Kiz Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkiye

The International Girls Anatolian Imam Hatip High School consist of 718 students, 140 of them are refugee woman. They have a boarding house for 180 people, a cafeteria, an indoor gym, a conference room for 600 people, a pocket cinema, a physic, chemistry, biology laboratories with rich equipment, a library where various works can be found together, a big masjid hall, mini masjid halls on each floor, music, Pain- ting, calligraphy, illumination, marbling classrooms are among the elite schools of our district. There are 1 principal, 4 deputy principals and 64 teachers at the school. The school is providing secondary education for marginalised students from 1st to 12th grade. Among them there are refugees, Roma, Arab, Siryan students as well as 20 students with learning difficulties and disabilities. The school is
providing intensive programmes on language learning, basic skills and preparation for tourism, catering and restaurants job perspectives.

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Bulgarian Inclusion Support Team, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Association organizes activities related to the implementation of inclusive education and labour market support for students, young people and adults in terms of successful implementation in Bulgaria of inclusive school education, vocational education and training, supported employment, inclusion and sustainability in the labor market and implementation of social inclusion in culture, sports and society as a whole. The team of the organisation consists of leading experts in the field of inclusive education, supported employment, recognition of prior learning, recognition and validation of learning outcomes. Their team members are frequently invited as guest speakers at major national and EU conferences in the field of inclusive education, career guidance and counselling, validation of learning outcomes as well as in the Committees to the Ministry of Education & Science and National Agency for Vocational Education & Training.

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