• IR1 A pre-employment school career guidance programme toolkit on topics: how to maintain positive physical and verbal image, how to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication, how to answer difficult questions during job interviews, how to prepare in digital format their CV and cover letter.


Step one: The group and me
Step two: Labour market realities
Step three: The perfect job
Step four: Self-awareness
Step five: Career resources
Step six: Identifying jobs and the tools to do them
Step seven: Communication skills and participants’ initial presentations
Step eight: Looking for work is harder than working!
Step nine: Myth busters – The reality of working as disadvantaged person
Step ten: How and when to disclose problem or disability in the job search process
Step eleven: The perfect worker
Step twelve: The digital trail
Step thirteen: What you see is what you get – it’s all in the presentation!
Step fourteen: It’s showtime. An Interview performance
Step fifteen: Interview feedback and final thoughts

  • IR2 Illustrative info cards about how to apply for credit, how to prepare and submit documents to tax authorities