Final project multiplier dissemination event – 15 February 2024, National students house – Sofia

On 15.02.2024 the final event for the dissemination of the project results was held in the National Student House – Sofia. 40 representatives of the project’s target groups took part in it, including teachers, psychologists, pedagogical advisors, career consultants, representatives of vocational training centers.

The event was opened by Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva – director of 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” Sofia, who is also the coordinator of the project. She welcomed all the guests and gave an introduction about the achievements of the project. Mr. Yordan Krasev – a representative of the Union of Bulgarian Teachers, also took part in the opening, who expressed gratitude for the successful implementation of the project and emphasized the role of the union in the dissemination of the results created within the framework of the project activities.

Mr. Andrean Lazarov from the “Bulgarian inclusion support team” (creator of the concept and project partner) presented the overall methodology of the program for the preparation of students from marginalized groups and in disadvantaged situations, demonstrating in detail the stages in the implementation of the program. He presented all the supporting tools to the program such as worksheets, info cards, tests and questionnaires.

After him, Mr. Petar Kalpakchiev, Mrs. Violeta Guzeleva and Mrs. Klara Ilieva shared results of the impact of the project after the pilot phase. 78 students from 10, 11 and 12 grades were trained on how to identify their strengths, how to develop their motivation, presentation skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and how to create their Europass CV and cover letter . Facilitators of the program are 8 teachers, as well as representatives of the “Bulgarian inclusion support team”, who provided regular methodological support, monitoring and evaluation of the process.

The following presentation presented the impact of the project in Turkiye and was presented by Mrs. Advie Kala – Deputy Principal of “Uluslararası Şehit Mehmet Karaarslan Kiz Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi” Middle School for Girls – Istanbul, Turkiye together with Mrs. Huliya Karaca – Vice-president of World Innovative Sustainable Solutions – Istanbul, Turkiye (both organizations are project partners). In Turkiye, 45 students from 45 nationalities between the ages of 16 and 18 took part. They were supported by 20 teachers from the school, as well as by 3 representatives of the non-governmental organization WINSS.

In the following presentation by Mrs. Penka Nikolova – “Training and Development” specialist at 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov”, the achievements of the school were presented within the framework of key activities 1 and 2 of the “Erasmus+” program. A particular focus was emphasized on the impact of these initiatives, both on teachers and on students of different age groups.

During the last part of the event, Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva initiated a discussion on the possibilities of using and distributing the project results among other schools, including 93 SU “Alexander Teodorov-Balan”, 7. SU “Sveti Sedmochiselnitsi”, 15 SU “Adam Mickiewicz”, 102. “Panayot Volov” Primary School, “Stefan Noikov” Foundation, 106. “Grigoriy Tsamblak” High School, 148. “Prof. Dr. L. Miletich” High School, Nayden Gerov Secondary School, ChSU “Prof. Nikolay Rainov”.

All participants in the event received a certificate of participation.