Inclusive education – hot topic at INVEST summer school, 27 May – 02 June 2022, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The International Summer School under the European Alliance project “INVEST” was held in the Plovdiv at the Leipzig Hotel. The event topic was “Ensuring the quality of public services for sustainable regional development”, hosted by University of Agribusiness and Regional Development. The summer school is attended by students from University of Thessaly, Greece, the Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, the Van Hall Lahrenstein University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, the Slovak Agrarian University in Nitra and the Graduate School of Agribusiness and Development of the regions.

The introductory lecture was by Mr. Andrean Lazarov, who emphasized the need for an inclusive approach in the development of education and, in particular, how the European  Alliances may contribute with their activities to the practical application of the principles of universal teaching design. He also introduced the concept of “VISAGE4JOBS” project.

During the virtual two weeks of the summer school, students worked on individual assignments related to the four themes: Quality in education and training, Social services and social inclusion, Social innovation and sustainable regional development, Social entrepreneurship. This week they presented their developments, and the most original ideas was awarded.